Medi Whale Inc. opens an all-in-one eye disease auto-diagnostic device at Asian Pacific Vitreo-Retina Society 2018

On last 14th of December, Medi Whale Inc. opened an all-in-one eye disease auto-diagnostic device, in which artificial intelligence software and fundus camera are combined together. This medical healthcare startup, which develops a diagnosis system based on fundus photography, displayed the combined device during the Asian Pacific Vitreo-Retina Society(APVRS) 2018. Last September, Medi Whale started developing the auto-diagnostic device based on artificial intelligence after making a collaborative business agreement. In APVRS 2018, this co-developed product was first opened and now they are planning to move on for medical device approval, targeting the market in South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Medi Whale is planning to distribute the device to internal clinics or health checkup centers preferentially. “Eye diseases mostly do not have any symptoms that can be recognized by oneself,” said Kevin Choi, CEO of Medi Whale, “we are planning to distribute this device not only to the Korean market but also to the Southeast Asian market, where we expect such solution to be even more powerful.”

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